Ecodisk / Imi Ouddar - MOROCCO

Client's needing an automatised wastewater treatment solution for irrigation reuse on its green lands.

Veolia Solution:

  • Bar screening + Sand trap
  • Settler - Digester

Ecodisk™ - Biological Wastewater Treatment
Lamella Clarifier
Hydrotech - Drum Filter for TSS polishing

UV Disinfection => Irrigation REUSE

Ecodisk / Imi Ouddar - MOROCCO


Ecodisk / Qatalum - QATAR

Water reuse is an essential point especillay for Middle-East region. PMT solutions were perfectly maintain the clients' expectations.

Veolia Solution :

  • Screening
  • Grease and grit removal chamber

Ecodisk™ - Biological Wastewater Treatment
PMT™ DLE - Lamella Clarifier
Multimedia Filter - TSS polishing

Disinfection => Irrigation REUSE

Ecodisk / Qatalum - QATAR


MBBR Pack / CWS Laundry Wastewater - POLAND

Reusage in industrial domain is really important for water audit improvement. PMT products contributes that internal reuse, which can be applicable nearly all industrial fields even most chemical ones

Veolia Solution:

  • Idraflot- Dissolved Air Flotation
  • MBBR Pack - Biological Wastewater Treatment
  • Hydrotech - Drum Filter for TSS removal

Sand filter - TSS polishing
UV Disinfection => Industrial REUSE



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