Ecodisk / Utent - BRAZIL

An industrial off-grid zone, perfectly matched what Ecodisk™ proposes.

Veolia Solution :

  • Screening + Grit/Grease removal 
  • Ecodisk™ - Biological Wastewater Treatment
  • Secondary Clarification
Utent - BRAZIL


MBBR Pack / F&B Industry - ITALY

One of the core markets for MBBR Pack is Food & Beverage industry. 

Small flowrate with large organic loading perfectly fits to MBBR Pack range. 

Veolia Solution :



MBBR Pack / Oil & Gas Industry - Spain 

Oil & Gas industries can also fit to MBBR Pack promises. Soluble COD removal before water processing was succesfully achieved !

Veolia Solution :

  • Pretreatment
  • MBBR Pack - Biological Wastewater Treatment
  • Actiflo - Veolia patented flocculation and sedimentation process with micro-sand enhancement
  • Ultrafiltration + Reverse osmosis
  • Ion Exchange => Industrial REUSE
MBBR Pack / Oil & Gas Industry - Spain 


MBBR Pack / Pharma Industry - Spain

Due to the common presence of batch production in pharmaceutical industries, manufacturing facilities might encounter frequent load and concentration variations. In addition, there is a risk of toxic compounds which can reach to the wastewater plant.

As a biofilm based process, MBBR Pack provides a robust and resilient approach to handle these variations.

Veolia Solution :

  • Homogenization + pH control
  • MBBR Pack - Biological Wastewater Treatment



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