Ecodisk™ Filter / Hautecombe Abbey - FRANCE

Related to religious seasons during a year, Hautecombe Abbey has an unstable flowrate with changing pollutant loading rate. 

Due to it's load adaptable technology, simple operation principle and low electrical consumption, Ecodisk™ Filter has been chosen by local community !

Solution: Ø2m Ecodisk™ unit with an integrated drumfilter

Ecodisk™ Filter / Hautecombe Abbey - FRANCE


Ecodisk™ / Elterlein - GERMANY

Roads and highways are passing inescapably drom remote areas which are generally detached from the main sewer network. That causes a water / wastewater management diffuculties for local governors.

With it's various product range and modular technology, Ecodisk™ is ready to confront any type of water constraints !

Solution: Ø2.7 m Ecodisk™ unit with an integrated lamella settler


Ecodisk™ / Köningswalde - GERMANY

PMT biodiscs are robust and adaptable also for much bigger projects. In the case of Köningswalde, the customer wanted a large diameter solution for their population projection within 20 years!

Solution: Large diameter discs in an existing concrete tank with a lamella clarification at downstream



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