MBBR Pack: what is it?

MBBR Pack is a wastewater treatment system developed within Veolia Water Technologies. One of the important aspect is that MBBR Pack proposes both Anoxkaldnes expertise on MBBR systems and PMT expertise on standard product manufacturing and related services in a container.


MBBR Pack is a moving biofilm reactor, in a standardized package. 

The main tank is filled with Anoxkaldnes MBBR carriers on which the bacteria attach and form a biofilm. The consumption of pollutants in aerobic and/or anoxic conditions contributes the bacterial growth. The excess biomass will detach automatically by the movement  of carriers within module.

Depending the model, there are different aims :

  • AE-AE : Fully aerobic model of MBBR Pack has been designed to encounter maily C and NH4+ sources pollution. The whole container is equipped by an equily distributed air diffuser system which ensure good repartition of oxygen.
  • AN-AE : Main compartement is divided into two parts to ensure the C removal, nitrification and also denitrification.
  • AN-AN : Fully anoxic module equipped with efficinet mixers, dedicated for denitrification.

After the degredation of the organic matter, a last step enables the clarification of water before rejecting it into the environment. Depending on the specifications of the community or operator, this clarification can be based on a lamella settler, a drum filter or a dissolved air flottation. 

MBBR Pack: example installations


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PMT and Veolia provide a turnkey service

Specialised in mobile water treatment units and fixed wastewater treatment plants, Veolia Water Technologies provides public authorities and private customers with ongoing assistance to make the most of Ecodisk™ devices. PMT's engineering teams can provide onsite assistance at any time in France, Germany and anywhere within Europe – whether it’s an emergency repair or routine check.

Elsewhere in the world, PMT's customers can rely on the logistics of Veolia Water Technologies as well as a dense network of distributors, fully trained in the technical specificities of PMT products.

With Ecodisk™, your community or business can finally opt for a complete domestic wastewater treatment solution, which is 100% ecological and economical in terms of maintenance and energy consumption.