A more profound look on different technologies from PMT standard product portfolio
Wastewater treatment and sludge management is an important public health issue for local communities. The installation of an Ecodisk™ system guarantees 100% organic treatment of your domestic wastewater, without addition of any chemicals, and gives you the benefit from all the expertise (…)
Ecodisk Denit™ systems are developed for more strict discharge regulations where total nitrogen treatment is a must before final discharge.
Ecodisk™ Filter is the unique combination of an Ecodisk™ with a drum filter as a secondary clarification step. This patented solution has been designed for plants with advanced requirements on suspended solids removal.
Ecodisk M is a combination between an Ecodisk and conventional reed beds as a secondary clarification / sludge storage solution. With its ecological approach, Ecodisk M perfectly fits to small communities in rural zone.
Ecodisk™ Solar has been developed to maintain a 100% autonomous facility especially for off-grid zones.
PMTs' latest innovation, Ecosim, is an advanced rotating biological contactor which ensures a 300% more compact design by keeping it's simplicity and low OPEX aspects.
PMT Lamella Clarifier ensures an efficient solid seperation after and/or before the main biological activity.
With the strong contribution of Anoxkaldnes™, PMT proposes MBBR Pack : An already containerized solution for both domestic and industrial wastewtaer streams.
All technologies need an adequate maintenance to complete their estimated service life with minimal constraints. PMT Life proposes a complete remote control on necessary serviceq for maintenance and surveillance.